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        Referred to Ningbo Ningbo, located in the middle of China's coastline, eastern Zhejiang plains, longitude 120.55 degrees to 122.6 degrees north latitude and 28.51 degrees to 30.33 degrees. East Zhoushan Islands, north of Hangzhou, Shanghai, west of Shaoxing. The total area of ​​9365 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate of 55.55%. Within the hills, dense forests, rivers criss-cross. Typical Yuyao River, Fenghua River, runs through the territory of Ningbo Sanjiang rendezvous in downtown, flows northeast, after Zhaobaoshan into the sea.
ningbo city

    Ningbo is a subtropical monsoon climatemild and humid with four distinct seasons, the average annual temperature of 16.2 degrees, the average temperature in July-August maximum of 28.9 degreesthe lowest from December to Januaryis minus 4.3 degreesFrost-free period is 230-240 days.

ningbo city
 Pregnant with rich natural resources, this fertile land. Dense forests produce various delicacies, wild mushroom. Longcoast beach shellfish growing a wide variety of fish and crabs. Vast land rich harvest of agricultural products. This is Ningbo-- southern land of plenty. With a long history of cultural heritage, coupled with the natural gift of property, after generations of careful drilled Ningbo, Ningbo, colorful interpretation of the unique cuisine.
ningbo city